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Full Tang Columbia Knife SA47 ( Tiger )

Full Tang Columbia Knife SA47 ( Tiger )

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Stainless steel
Handle with wooden accents
Overall length: 30.4 cm
Blade length: 19 cm
Widest part of the blade: 3.7 cm
Blade thickness: 3 mm

The COLUMBIA SA47 is an exceptionally beautiful and versatile knife with a wide range of applications. It can be used for both hunting and outdoor activities, making it suitable for wilderness survival.

The handle is designed to follow the contours of your hand, providing a comfortable grip. The knife is crafted solidly and robustly without compromising on material quality.

The blade of the knife is made from 440C INOX, a high-carbon, stainless steel designed to offer a combination of high wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It achieves a hardness of approximately 60 HRC, ensuring good edge retention.

440C steel is perhaps one of the most commonly used stainless steels in the world for manufacturing high-quality knives and scalpels. This is due to its excellent quality, affordability, and its ability to withstand aggressive environments.

In summary, the COLUMBIA SA47 is a well-crafted and durable knife made from 440C INOX stainless steel, known for its exceptional quality and resistance to wear and corrosion. It is a versatile tool suitable for various outdoor activities, including hunting and wilderness survival.

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