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Handmade Push Dgr with Leather Sheath

Handmade Push Dgr with Leather Sheath

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Handmade Push Dgr with Leather Sheath

Introducing the Exquisite Handmade Push Dagger with Leather Sheath – a fusion of artistry and practicality that embodies the rich heritage of craftsmanship. Carefully designed and expertly crafted, this push dagger is a testament to the dedication of artisans and the allure of traditional techniques.

Intricate Artistry and Functionality:
Handcrafted with precision, this push dagger is a symphony of artistry and utility. Its compact form factor, measuring at an overall length of 5.5 inches, makes it a discreet yet powerful tool. The blade’s elegant curvature and the meticulously detailed handle showcase the thoughtful design that went into its creation.

Premium Materials for Superior Performance:
The blade, crafted from 12 Chrome Stainless Steel, exudes durability and sharpness. This ensures that the dagger maintains its edge even after prolonged use. The handle, made from a composite material, offers a comfortable grip that allows for precise control and swift actions.

Distinctive Weight and Balance:
Weighing 161 grams with its protective leather sheath and 127 grams without, this push dagger strikes a balance between heft and maneuverability. The weight contributes to a sense of confidence and stability in your grip, making it an ideal companion for various situations.

Leather Sheath for Protection and Style:
A finely tailored leather sheath embraces the dagger, safeguarding its blade and enhancing its visual appeal. The sheath’s meticulous stitching and premium leather material add a touch of luxury while ensuring safe storage and easy access.

A Touch of Pakistan’s Craftsmanship:
Proudly bearing the “Made in Pakistan” mark, this push dagger is a testament to the region’s history of crafting exquisite blades. The meticulous attention to detail and the mastery of traditional techniques shine through, making this dagger a piece of art that captures the essence of its origin.

Versatility and Elegance:
This Handmade Push Dagger is not only a functional tool but also an elegant accessory. Whether you’re a collector, an enthusiast of traditional weaponry, or someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, this push dagger transcends its utilitarian purpose and becomes a symbol of both heritage and sophistication.

Collector’s Delight:
As a piece that combines history, craftsmanship, and practicality, this push dagger makes for a prized addition to any collection. Its intricate details, thoughtful design, and inherent uniqueness ensure that it stands out as a collector’s delight.

Embrace Tradition with Modern Flair:
The Handmade Push Dagger with Leather Sheath embodies the fusion of tradition and contemporary aesthetics. By owning this exquisite piece, you not only own a functional tool but also a work of art that reflects centuries of craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Overall Length : 5.5 inches

Weight with Leather Sheath : 161 grams

Weight without Leather Sheath : 127 grams

Blade Material : 12 Chrome Stainless Steel

Handle Material : Composite

Handmade Push Dagger with Leather Sheath ( 12 Chrome Stainless Steel)

Made in Pakistan

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